Twitch, good or bad?

Today i experienced some twitches on my left eye. Wait, do you know twitch? In Indonesian, we call it “kedutan”. Some say it is a sign of a good thing. I will receive some fortunes. Unfortunately not all twitches are a sign of a good thing.  I prefer to believe this article rather than those kind of superstitions.  Maybe i am too tired today. I need some rest.

It is an easy question, nobody can answer it correctly!

Can we compile it?
Can we compile it?

Look at the source code above, can we compile it using javac  What are the outputs if we run it using java Child?

That simple question is actually easy, but nobody has answered it correctly in my class (Object Oriented Programming, Undergraduate).  What do you think?

Indonesian Cuisine: Warteg goes gourmet!

Most Indonesian people already know Gado-gado. Are they know about Mixed vegetables with boiled eggs and peanut sauce? Food with “exotic” names are more expensive, that is fine dining.  This guy (Dade Akbar) polished ordinary Indonesian food into fine dining quality, with some kind of boosts on the presentation.

Look at this “Kerupuk pakai sambal dan kecap”

Dade Akbar (

“Deep fried kerupuk with chili paste, drizzled in sweet soy sauce”.  You can see all the remaining polished food presentations here.